About Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop -Ghost Town-

It was in 1908 when the first diamond was found.  This caused a diamond rush and sparked life in the little town of Kolmanskop.  Today this once vibrant town lies at the mercy of the Namib Desert, threatening to engulf the grand buildings.

Join us for an hour of magical history in the heart of the forbidden territory.

Kolmanskop is open between 08H00 and 13H00.

Tours:        Monday to Saturday
09h30 and 11H00

Sundays and Public Holidays only one tour at 10h00.

45 – 60 minute tours offered in English and German.

Photo permits (Grants access from sunrise to sunset – Non commercial photographers only)

Commercial photographers please contact our office for rates and requirements

Permits can be obtained at the Kolmanskop entrance or at Lüderitz Safaris and Tours in town.