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  • Heinz Erhard:

    Ein Besuch der Kolmanskuppe ist ein “MUSS” wenn man Namibia besucht.
    Ich habe eine Führung “in deutsch natürlich” gemacht und war sehr erstaunt was “damals” geleistet wurde.

  • Joe Ferreira:

    I’ve been there with some friends and found it quite interesting for its history and the remains itself. I was expecting a bit more attention (to the site) from government as it’s a national heritage, but it’s another story. The guides are very friendly and have a lot of rich information to pass. Definitely worth a visit while in Lüderitz area!

  • Roger Chamberlin:

    We visited Kolmanskop on February 7, 2016 while our cruise ship was docked in Lüderitz. Toured the old bowling alley and power house among other structures. A great day but the wind was howling and sand was flying. Would like to return someday with more time and less wind. Very interesting history.

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