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Kolmanskuppe owes its existence to the one jewel that is as precious as it is timeless: the Diamond.

In the year 1908 the first diamond was found, leading to a frantic diamond rush as thousands of fortune seekers converged in the desert to seek its wealth. This is how the little town of Kolmanskuppe developed. Today this once vibrant town lies at the mercy of the Namib Desert, threatening to engulf the grand buildings.

Here amongst the windswept houses of Kolmanskuppe lies the key to a past long gone, the remains of an era where diamonds sparkled and sustained life along the coast of Namibia.

Let us enchant you with some magical tales of intriguing history in the heart of the forbidden territory.


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Tavern & Curios

The Tavern at Kolmanskop is situated in the Champagne Bar of the Casino Building.


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